Jordan Stolch is a Fashion Stylist and Wardrobe Consultant based in Los Angeles, California. With a natural ability for style and aesthetics, the Canadian-born native quickly built a strong career in the celebrity and entertainment realm as well as in personal shopping and private styling. She has solidified herself as an innovative force in the fashion industry and highly sought after consultant.

Jordan has a strong aptitude for trend direction as well as an accurate understanding of the individuality of style. She recognizes what it takes to bring a vision to life, whether it be for the red carpet or for day-to-day dressing. As a Stylist, she is uninhibited and know for pushing the boundaries of safety and simplicity while always staying true to the needs and demands of her clients.

Jordan is committed to providing exceptional services while also tailoring her skills to meet the needs and requirements of each project she works on. She is constantly transforming the image of her clients, assisting them in cultivating a brand and personality unique to their fashion tastes and preferences.

Jordan specializes in red carpet, film/television, commercial editorial, music video and advertisement styling. In addition, she is a full time Wardrobe Consultant and Personal Shopper for men and women all across Southern California.